WWW.GASONLINE.EU was born out of the need for fair trade, under equal PURCHASING conditions within Europe, as a result of THE GREAT DIFFERENCE IN THE PRICE OF REFRIGERANT GAS BETWEEN THE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION where some of them apply brutal taxes while others only add VAT to the value of gas for this reason gasonline.eu sells gas at the best price that can be bought in Europe, totally legal with invoices and VAT, bottles approved according to Fgas regulations and packaged in Europe, something that other websites in the sector do not contemplate

WWW.GASONLINE.EU is a website that aspires to be a benchmark within the sector, not only due to the variety, quantity and quality of its products, whether it is refrigerant gas as elements for handling, but also as a source of information and advice to professionals and consumers. final for good practice we must all be aware of the use and application of refrigerant gases and the consequences of a bad practice in their handling application and consumption